OERHS Annual Meeting

Quick Facts & RSVP

Date: Saturday Nov. 10th

Time: 11:00am ~3:00pm

Lunch Start: 12:00pm

Location: Hopmere Station at the museum in Brooks.

Cost: $12 for one person, $20 for a couple (or $8 for each additional person)


  • Elections
  • Reports
  • 2018 year in review
  • Southern California Steam by Bob Terkelsen
  • The Fateful Fourth, The July 4th 1900 Tacoma Trolley Accident by Russell H. Holter

Please RSVP by Nov. 5th

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If you prefer to pay by check, please download this flyer and mail n the RSVP as per the flyer.

2018 Annual Meeting & Luncheon

Come one, Come All, to our annual meeting and Banquet. We are changing our food menu this year, and reducing our price. The programs are also enticing, so there is no reason not to come this year. All OERHS Members, Families and friends are welcome at our annual meeting and banquet

Date: Saturday November 11th 11:00am~3:00pm

Start time: Noon, Meal time ~12:00pm

Location: Hopmere Station at the Museum in Brooks.

Cost: $12 for 1 person, $20 for a couple

Main Program: The Fateful Fourth. The July 4th, 1900 Tacoma Trolley Accident by Russell H. Holter

Russell Holter is an accomplished historian and author. He wrote Rails to Paradise, the History of the Tacoma Eastern Railroad 1890-1919, as well the the book that si the subject of his presentation here: The Fateful Fourth, The Story of America’s Worst Trolley Disaster. A tragic series of events leading up to July 4th, 1900 in Tacoma led to an overloaded streetcar tragically jumping off a trestle into a ravine below killing 43 and injury many more.

Here is the full program of events:

  • 11:00am: Doors open, social time
  • ~12:00pm: Lunch is ready, BBQ menu is shown to the right (or below).
  • During lunch Bob Terkelsen will present Southern California Early Steam.
  • 12:45pm: Annual Elections: We are looking for nominations for trustees and officers, if interested, please contact, Mark Kavanagh
  • 12:50pm: Annual Reports
  • 1:25pm: Service Awards
  • 1:45pm: Door Prizes
  • 2:00pm: The fAteful Fourth by Russell H. Holter
  • 3:00pm: Adjourn


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Banquet BBQ Menu
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich (Shredded Chicken will be an option)
  • Potato Salad
  • Vegetable
  • Rolls
  • Assortment of soft drinks/bottled water
  • Cake/Pie for dessert

Annual Elections

The OERHS will hold elections for Board of Directors Officers and 3 Trustees. The Nominating committee is looking for members in good standing that would like to run for Trustee (a 3 year position), or and officer position for 1 year: President, VP, Treasurer & Secretary. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone else, or simply ask for more information, please e-mail Mark Kavanagh at mark@oerhs.org


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