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The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society was founded in 1957. The OERHS is an Oregon Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. It is recognized by the IRS as a Non-For-Profit public benefit Corporation under Section 501(c)3.

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The Original Museum Location at Glenwood, Oregon

The OERHS had its first operating Trolley Museum at Glenwood, Oregon along Hwy 6 between Tillamook and Portland. The Museum was in operation from the 1960s up to October of 1995 when it was closed. Due to declining patronage and a lease set to expire, the OERHS had been looking for a new location with better visibility as well as better weather conditions.

The Current Museum Location in Brooks, Oregon

In 1995 the OERHS signed a lease agreement withPowerland Heritage Parkin Brooks Oregon. This is the location of the current Oregon Electric Railway Museum. The electrified trolley operation at the new museum started in 1999. In 2004 the museum started Sunday operations over the summer, plus special events. 2009 started full weekend operation. Each year the museum rail line is extended or enhanced.  

The Willamette Shore Trolley in Lake Oswego/ Portland, Oregon

In 1995 the OERHS signed an agreement with the City of Lake Oswego to operate the Willamette Shore Trolley. This tourist trolley line operates between Lake Oswego and Portland Oregon. It operates from May through October each year. The Willamette Shore has changed a few times based on development in the South Waterfront area of Portland. The current operation runs from Bancroft Street in Portland to Lake Oswego 


The OERHS is a volunteer organization, thus it is membership driven. Members are the backbone of the organization.

Volunteer at the Willamette Shore Trolley

Volunteer at the Oregon Electric Railway Museum

Officers of the OERHS

President:                  Gene Fabryka
Chairman:                 John Nagy
Vice President:         Richard Thompson
Treasurer:                 John Ballentine
Secretary:                 Mark Kavanagh
Museum Director:   Greg Bonn
WST Manager:         David Harold
John Ballentine
Gene Fabyrka
Gage Geist
David Harold
Mark Kavanagh
Mark Moore
Richard Thompson
Carolyn Vernon

All the above may be contacted via e-mail using the following format: firstname.lastname@oerhs.org

OERHS Mission Statement

The Mission of the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society, Inc. is to preserve the regional heritage of electric railway transportation as a living resource for the benefit of the present and future generations.

To fulfill this mission The Society will Promote:

  • The study of electric railways, their physical equipment, properties, and operation, devoting special attention to the electric railways of western Oregon,

  • the procurement and preservation of historic electric railway equipment, materials, and property, and

  • the display, interpretation, and operation of surviving historic equipment, materials, and properties.

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Volunteer at the Willamette Shore Trolley

Volunteer at the Oregon Electric Railway Museum