The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society has had a newsletter over much of its long history although with different names and editors. This archive of previous issues provides a wealth of interesting reading of the society's history and electric transit in the Pacific Northwest.

Richard Thompson was editor of The Northwest Electric Railway Review for some 20-years from 1973 to 1993. Richard is digitizing some of the issues he created back then including adding color where he can. Below is the 1988 year of issues. Keep watching as we add more issues.

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January 1977 Trolley Park News
  • All-Time Roster of Cars at the Park
  • Benson High Students Help Restoration
  • Errata


February 1977 Trolley Park News
  • Dad Worked the Trolleys
  • Break in at the Trolley Park
  • THE ANKENY CARBARN 1894-1951
  • Reviews
  • Banfield Plans will Include Light Rail


March 1977 Trolley Park News
  • Last Days for the “Broadway” Cars
  • Review
  • March Meeting Enjoyable
  • Sunset Tours Donates Newsletter Postage


April 1977 Trolley Park News
  • A Light Rail Future
  • The Past is Prologue; the Mt. Hood Railway
  • OERHS Annaul Banquet to be held Next Week
  • Trolley Hits Shark!


May 1977 Trolley Park News
  • Broomstick Trains Start Annual Banquet
  • Training Sessions Scheduled
  • Museum Pioneer Passes Away
  • Trolleys in Restaurants


June 1977 Trolley Park News
  • Motorman’s Training Program
  • Trolley Park “PR”
  • Tower Trucks Join Trolley Park Fleet
  • SAE Topics of Interest


July 1977 Trolley Park News
  • New "Flag" and Historic Map
  • Latest Guidebooks Available
  • Motormen Still Neededf
  • No. 1187 Takes up the Slack While Three Cars are Side-lined
  • News from the Park
  • Tri-Met Board Adopts Light Rail
  • Graphic Sketch of Track System of Portland Traction Co.


August - September 1977 Trolley Park News
  • The Demise of Center Street
  • Center Street in Historical Perspective
  • Map: The Carbarns of Portland 1872-1912


October 1977 Trolley Park News
  • The British Columbia Electric
  • News from the Trolley Park
  • Introducing the Winter CETA Crew
  • Upholstery Fund Donation
  • Birthday Party


November - December 1977 Trolley Park News
  • OERHS: The First 20 Years
  • A Successful Off-Season Charter
  • Review
  • Derailments for the Record Book