Let’s Talk Trolleys!

The OERHS is trying something new. As you know we have had to delay our Trolley Museum and Willamette Shore Trolley opening this year due to COVID19 restrictions. But we love our trolleys and our passengers. So why not connect the two via the virtual world!

Richard Thompson, a Portland Trolley history expert, and Mark Kavanagh, the Secretary of the OERHS are teaming up to give Zoom presentations about Oregon’s streetcar past, and a bit of history of our international collection of streetcars at the museum.

The classes and times are listed below. You must pre-register to receive the Zoom meeting link. The classes are free, but we would appreciate any donations ($10 is suggested) as our normal revenue stream from trolley fares is delayed.


Learn about streetcars and Interurbans from Portland, Salem, and beyond.

Learn about our international collection of trolleys at the museum. 

Upcoming Event Schedule


July 15, 2020

7:30 pm ~ 9:00pm

 Richard Thompson presents

Lost Oregon Streetcars

Most people know of Portland’s old trolleys. But did you know streetcars used to run in Astoria, Albany Medford, Eugene, Salem, and Milton-Freewater? How about horsecars in Corvallis, Baker City, and Klamath Falls? Mr. Thompson will share many historic photographs and stories about these systems and more during about a 1-hour presentation via Zoom.


July 22, 2020

7:30 pm ~ 9:00 pm

 Mark Kavanagh Presents

The Oregon Electric Railway

The OE ran an electric interurban railway service from Portland to Eugene and to Forest Grove. Passenger trains ran from 1908-1933. Most of the OE exists today as a freight railway and Portland’s MAX runs on part of the former OE. Mr. Kavanagh with share many historic and modern photos of the OE of the past and present with stories during about a 1-hour presentation via Zoom


 Future Programs

Coming Soon!

More Portland Streetcar History

History of our Museum’s international trolley collection

A history on Portland’s modern Max and Streetcar

Any thoughts and ideas, please submit them to mark@oerhs.org